How to Swap to Rough Stuff Wheels

This is very much the same as changing slick wheels but an important difference is with the drive belt cover. Each set of Rough Stuff Wheels comes with 2 small belt covers. The smaller size allows for a closer fit with the 110mm wheels, to prevent stones and dirt getting in to the belt mechanism.

Its easiest to take the wheel off before replacing the belt drive cover. The new cover can be replaced in the same way that the larger one was removed. Make sure to add in the split washer on to the bolt before tightening in place. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts and crack the belt drive cover. When tightening the wheel in to place, be careful not to over tighten it. There is a rubber spacer between the pulley bearing and the motor mount. This spacer should be nipped together but not squashed. Check to make sure the wheels rotate freely with only the resistance of the motor at play.

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