How to change eboard wheel bearings

Eboard wheel bearings don’t last forever, especially when you get them wet regularly, they are not any different from normal skateboard or longboard bearings. Water and dirt are the enemy of a smooth-running bearing. Its best to clean them regularly or replace them if they are beyond repair.

The easiest way to take a bearing off is to slide your wheel to the edge of the trucks threaed hanger and leverage the bearing out of the wheel. Make sure the truck isn’t too far through the bearing or you’ll struggle to get the bearing off or mess up the thread on the truck. Do this for both sides as each wheel has 2 bearings.

You can restore eboard bearings quite easily, even if they have been full of mud and water, with some household citrus cleaner. Give them a good soaking and let them dry. Try some bones speed cream on the bearings to lubricate them before replacing the rubber cover.

Replacing the eboard bearings with some new ones is pretty straight forward. Take the wheel and press the bearing in with your thumb but never hit them in with anything if they’re tight. If they are tight, then another way is to push them into place gently then slide them on the truck. Tighten them in to place by tightening the wheel nut as though you were finishing putting the wheel on. Make sure to add the washers after doing this.

There’s no particular mileage or limit on how often you should change or clean bearings but it’s good to check your wheels for grinding noises, abrasion or grinding every so often.

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