Does Wheel Size Matter?


In terms of size, the Rough Stuff Wheels are the biggest Polyurethane wheels on the planet and are truly brilliant for rolling over rough terrain and obstructions. Rolling resistance and top speed are improved but for the same pulley/gearing you won’t get as much acceleration and torque from your electric skateboard.

Anyone who has ever ridden a skateboard, longboard, or electric skateboard will know the dangers of small rocks and stones. These of course wouldn’t be an issue on a bicycle as your wheels are big. The bigger your wheels the more easily they roll over obstacles. Jumping from an 83m diameter to 110mm may not sound like a lot but size does matter. The typical size of rocks or stones you come across on your typical tarmac path or track is pretty small and the difference in size has a huge impact on the chance of you doing the stop, drop and roll or faceplant – the not so good alternative.


Regarding comfort the 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels have a greater volume of polyurethane and therefore, a greater depth of cushioning. Both wheels available from Slick Revolution are 85A durometer (essentially hardness) and so have similar cushioning effects and grip on the same flat surface.

The lower the durometer the softer the wheels and the faster they will wear away.

  • Bigger wheels have a higher top speed but slower acceleration and less torque.
  • Smaller wheels have a lower top speed but faster acceleration and torque.
  • Bigger wheels are smoother over rough tarmac and uneven terrain.

If you’re looking for fast acceleration and a slightly lower top speed (22mph rather than 25mph+) then the Slick electric skateboard wheels are for you. If you’ve got a nice smooth area to ride then these wheels are great!

If you’re looking for a higher too speed, slightly lower torque but a more comfortable and potentially safer ride, then the Rough Stuff electric skateboard wheels are the ones for you.

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