Carving & Turning

Electric skateboards handle just like longboards- wait what? So, the commonly used term is ‘electric skateboard,’ but most have reverse kingpin trucks so handle like longboards – better for cruising and carving. They handle in just the same way that your weight is used to turn left and right. Our Max-Eboard is great for eboard beginners as it has a concave deck which means that carving is easier as your foot sits in to the electric skateboard deck allowing a more aggressive heel and toe point for turning.

Flatter decks are more comfortable to stand on but not quite as good for carving but it all depends on rider experience and what they want from an electric skateboard. Carving or turning is controlled by shifting your weight from side to side just like a normal skateboard or longboard. The trucks turn opposite ways and allow you to turn, plus you can adjust the tightness of the bolt on the trucks which affect how sloppy or tight your turning is. Carving can be done easily by beginners but controlling the angle and speed in different circumstances is a skill that comes with experience.

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