Mate X 750W


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Ride wherever you want with the Mate X 750W. This powerhouse of a foldable electric bike with a top speed of 50km/h will not only get you there fast, it will also get you there in style. The airplane-grade aluminium alloy frame is almost indestructible. And with a range up to 120 kilometers range anxiety is a thing of the past.



Never worry about sweat on your back when taking the bike. The Mate X 750W will bring you there all sweat-free. The 750W Bafang motor goes faster than a speeding bullet and the fat tires will stick to the road like shit to a blanket.

*MATE X and MATE City 250 are legal worldwide and road-legal in EU according to EN15194 certification without any license.
*Please note that in the EU, Canada, Norway and Switzerland the MATES with motors above 250W are legal when riding on private property only,(not public road). If in doubt, please check your local regulations
*Please note that some components might be subject to change due to availability and replaced by same or higher quality parts.

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