Slick Revolution – Soon to stock Ownboard and Exway

There are some truly awesome boards on the market these days and with Slick Revolution being self-funded it can be tough to keep up with so many advancements in technology coming through. SR have been working extremely hard to bring the new esk8 bag to market as well as focussing on expanding throughout Europe. Working alongside a single manufacturer can be tough for a number of reasons (we can discuss over a beer next time we meet on a ride). With so many great eboards coming out of China at the moment and squeezing the big boys, namely boosted, we decided to take a small turn in our business trajectory. With well over 20 original manufacturers in China and around 50 rebrands, we’ve had the chance to monitor reviews, gather feedback and really see what people are riding, loving and rating in their eboard adventures. We’ve picked the best of the best and will be stocking these eboards in the UK. Exway and Ownboard.

What’s missing from all these great reviews?

Well that’s the support and customer service. Something our 225, 5 star Trustpilot reviews and 1000’s of customers will agree with. Selling even the best eboards halfway around the world means it is difficult to keep up with support, repairs are costly and language barriers can make solving these issues difficult. We hope to eliminate this sticking point altogether.

Why Exway?

Boosted Killer? The most overused term in electric skateboard Youtube thumbnails? Perhaps, but the Exway has some pretty neat whistles and bells that put it somewhere near the top of the esk8 food chain. Swappable batteries, choice of drive train, a flexible deck and an app with continued support and IP55 rating. There’s plenty more to it and you can find all the info on the Exway and pre-order below.

Why Ownboard?

Ownboard uses the hobbywing ESC which is renowned for its simplicity and super smooth acceleration and braking curves. As well as this it offers both our Foamies wheel options and the ownboard airless tyres/AT option. A 10s battery gives plenty of oomph and off-road capability too.
Check out the ownboard pre-order below.

With the range of SR eboard, Exway and Ownboard in our arsenal we truly have something for everyone. Plus with unrivaled support and customer service, should the worst happen, you’ll never be stuck without a repair, fix or advice on the phone right here in the UK.

(before I forget, we have something else up our sleeves too but we can’t give too much away for now!) We will keep you posted!

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  1. Any chance you will be stocking the Exway Wave when its available? Sounds a great board.

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