Reasons to buy an electric skateboard.

The aim of this blog is to get some feedback from you guys and girls, the Slick Revolution fans. So here we go… What are your top 3 reasons you bought an electric skateboard and joined the Revolution? Comment below…


  1. 1. Same money over taking the tube
    2. More fun than cycling
    3. One of my friends convinced me to get one!

  2. My number 1 reason is that skating for me is too difficult. But riding an eboard is a bit easier and I can go a lot further. Second is riding on the weekend with friends who skate, scooter and bike, we’ve got a pretty cool mad max vibe going on. Lastly is the I wanted to start a brand new hobby which not many people I know do.

  3. – Midlife crisis and wanting a new hobby
    – Riding to the shops on a weekend
    – Walking the dog

    Its truly the best thing ive bought in a long long time and given me a new lease on life. 500 miles and counting.

    Cheers Slick Team

  4. 1: Commuter board – I can get in without breaking a sweat, turn up to meetings across town in smart clothes an don’t have to worry about a bike being stolen.

    2: So. Much. Fun

    3: Gets me up hills and down again safer than a normal skateboard.

  5. 1. Replaced my broken boosted board.
    2. Available in the UK.
    3. Rough Stuff Wheels for the UK’s sh***y roads!

  6. 1. To goto sports centre at lunchtime. Board fits in locker and is fun and quick way to get there on campus
    2. An experience ; carving (snowboarder}
    3. Fun / new hobby / teach my son new skills

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