Advanced Wireless Controller

Slick Revolutions second generation wireless electric skateboard controller is almost here. Want the good news? Its compatible with our current range of electric skateboards.

Here’s a quick run down of the features it has to offer.

We have gone for a complete redesign of the controller in terms of aesthetics, controls and features. We took on board feedback about our first controller and swapped out the lever for a wheel as well as introducing a dead mans trigger for extra safety. 3 speed modes allows you to limit your top speed to 4mph, 10 mph and full speed. Perfect for beginners, or practicing tricks and manoeuvres at slow speed. Check out our longboard dancing video here and you’ll see whats possible.


We have also introduced 3 braking modes, soft, medium and hard. Braking depends on a lot of factors including, rider weight, gradient, speed and the degree of braking. Braking with the control wheel is much easier to perfect and alter that with the lever. Around 12mm of movement takes you from neutral to full braking and anywhere inbetween is easy to control with your thumb.

All these options are easily viewable on the LCD screen which is scrolled through and controller using the ON/OFF button which is now out of reach of fingers when riding.

The ON/OFF button now locks when paired to your electric skateboard so you’ll never accidentally turn the controller off or switch modes while riding. Each controller comes in a neat hardshell foam case to keep it protected when not in use.

Battery level of both your electric skateboard and controller is displayed on the LCD screen and much more accurate with more increments than previously. Pairing your electric skateboard has never been easier, scroll to pairing mode, pull the wheel and pair within seconds. Radio controlled with no bluetooth style dropouts made famous by other less safety conscious brands, the advanced controller is reliable and safe. The LCD screen and features do suck some power but you can expect to charge the controller only once every 5 or so full charges of your electric skateboard. Micro UsSBcharging, once again straight from your board or socket.

Welcome to your revolutionised ride. Advanced controller available to pre-order now. 

electric skateboard controller


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