Deck Hook Update

This is just fantastic and we can’t thank you all enough!

Here’s a quick update on things:

  • We reached 500 backers and over $23,500 in just over 24 hours.
  • We’re now on $37,205!
  • We’ve added a few more questions and answers in the FAQ’s section.
  • We introduced Australian, Canadian and New Zealand shipping rates for the next pledges.
  • We have been inundated with support from you – our awesome backers who have made our invention possible!

Some of the early production Deck Hooks have appeared in great Youtube reviews. Check them out here: (don’t forget to share with your friends!)


 Sean Brown


With the kind of amazing launch and unbelievable response we have had to the project, we really feel the stretch goals are within reach. Our first stretch goal is color options at $120,000. What colours would you like to see? We need your help to spread the word, so please share on Facebook and Twitter via the links below.

Thanks to everyone once again!


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