Electric Skateboard Kickstarter and what happens now

Electric Skateboard Kickstarter and what happens now

If you hadn’t noticed – recently we launched an electric skateboard kickstarter, the Flex-Eboard (+ Rough Stuff Wheels) We did it, all thanks to you, our eboarding community and Slick Revolution fans! We are over the moon with our success and can’t wait to get the Flex-Eboard and out to you guys and girls! In a couple of weeks time we will be placing our order with the manufacturer for both the Flex-Eboard and Rough Stuff Wheels.

Good news! We have negotiated down the minimum order quantity for our Rough Stuff Wheels to 250 sets. This means that we can afford to purchase 2 colours! So far we have black but want to hear from you about an additional colour! Let us know what you would like to see in the comments.


The battery case mould is in production as well as the wheel mould. As mentioned above,  we can afford to purchase black wheels + (insert your favourite colour here) we will send a survey to backers before we order, asking for their colour of choice.

Russel from Sololongboards has begun work on the Carbon Flex-Eboard decks and you can check out progress via his instagram. @sololongboards. He has added a subtle W concave in the deck for a locked in feel and better control.

What happens now

Slick Revolution will be keeping all you awesome backers updated on progress of the moulds and some final battery testing we are carrying out. We are showing at the cycle show at the Birmingham NEC in late September where we will have some flex-eboards and rough stuff wheels on show if you fancy a look. We do however hope to ship out in early October.

Where can I buy a Flex-Eboard or Rough Stuff Wheels now?

The Flex-Eboard and Rough Stuff wheels are available through our website here:

You can pre-order for the Flex-Eboard at Flex Eboard

And the Rough Stuff Wheels at http://slickrevolution.co.uk/product/rough-stuff-wheels/

We won’t be shipping until early October but of course we will keep you updated on progress.

This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning.

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